IOSR Journal of Polymer and Textile Engineering (IOSR-JPTE)

List of Topics

IOSR Journal of Polymer and Textile Engineering (IOSR-JPTE) will publish original paper in all disciplines of Plolymer and Textile Engineering.

    Textile Engineering

  • Apparel
  • Dyeing
  • Fabric
  • Finishing
  • Leather
  • Marketing and user of Products
  • Medical Textiles
  • Nanotechnology in textiles
  • Nonwoven
  • Psychology on consumer of textile products
  • Recycling technology of textile products
  • Textile composite materials
  • Weaving
  • Yarn spinning

Polymer Sciences

  • polymer synthesis
  • polymer reactions
  • polymerization kinetics
  • polymer physics, morphology, structure-property relationships
  • polymer analysis and characterization,
  • physical and mechanical properties
  • electrical and optical properties
  • polymer processing and rheology
  • application of polymers
  • supramolecular science of polymers
  • polymer composites



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