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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Fatigue Life of Dental Implant- A Review
Country : India
Authors : U.R.Patil || P.N.Dhatrak || B.M.Shinde
DOI : 10.9790/1684-15008040401-05      

Abstract: The reliability and stability of the implant abutment and implant-bone interfaces plays a great role for evaluation of the long-term success of a dental implant. In general, fatigue life depends on many factor such as implant itself, physical properties of bone as well as on other morphological characteristics that are patient dependent.......

Keywords –Dental Implant, Fatigue Life, FEA.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Modal Analysis of Rectangular Plate with Lap Joints to Find Natural Frequencies and Mode Shapes
Country : India
Authors : M. Bhusnar || S. S. Sarawade

Abstract: The aim of this study is to analyze the dynamic behavior of structures like a rectangular plate, bolted lap joint, welded lap joint and single lap epoxy adhesive joint subjected to impact or shock loads using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and analytical methods. The various factors that affect the response of bolted, welded lap joint and adhesive joint structures are studied, such as natural frequencies, mode shapes, damping ratio etc. In this work the modal analysis of rectangular plates with different lap joints are investigated.......

Keywords –Modal Analysis, Rectangular Plate, Lap Joints, Natural Frequency, Mode Shapes, Cantilever, FEA

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Study and Analysis of Solid Waste Management Challenges and Options for Treatment (Indian Villages)
Country : India
Authors : M. S. Kadam || S. S. Sarawade
DOI : 10.9790/1684-15008040415-22      

Abstract:Solid waste management is become a critical issue in Indian metros as well as rural areas. A challenge for the authorities in developing countries as the rate of generation of waste is very high. The impact of urban area's culture on the rural areas (villages) and improvement in paying capacity ? of rural people causes more solid waste generation in the villages.....

Keywords –Solid waste, Energy generation, Segregation. Recyclable, Disposal of waste.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : A Review on Retrofit Design and Static Analysis of 3-Axis Gantry System
Country : India
Authors : Y. L. Mane || B. B. Deshmukh

Abstract: In the world of high precision fast growing technology Retrofit Design concept for developing low cost high accuracy high precision machineries is required. It is also important to learn the environmental effect of product during the life cycle. In this paper a review of CNC machines, micro milling machines, retrofit design concept, Eco-design concept and design and analysis of CNC parts is presented.

Keywords - Retrofit, Eco-design, micro machines, deflection, finite element analysis

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Experimental Analysis of Heat Transfer Augmentation in Double Pipe Heat Exchanger using Tangential Entry of Fluid
Country : India
Authors : Hanumant Jagdale || Subhash Lahane
DOI : 10.9790/1684-15008040429-34      

Abstract:In this work, the effect of heat transfer enhancement of swirl generator with tangential injection of fluid was examined. The five tangential injectors are placed such that they are equidistance along the length of pipe to improve the efficiency of heat transfer in concentric pipe heat exchanger the injectors are designed and placed such that it creates tangential flow in the pipe......

Keywords –Tangential entry of fluid, swirl flow, heat transfer augmentation, nozzles

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Some Investigations on Identifications of Defect in Windshields
Country : India
Authors : D. K. Dattasamje || N. A. Rawabawale, B.S.Alurkar

Abstract:Glass is a versatile material with more than hundreds of applications, including windshields. Glass has a long history and was first made more than 7,000 years ago in Egypt, as early as 3,000 B.C. Glass is found in a natural state as a by-product of volcanic activity. Today, glass is manufactured from a variety of ceramic materials (main components are oxides)....

Keywords -Windshield, Defects, De-lamination.

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Paper Type : Review Paper
Title : Effect of Drilling Parameters for the Assessment of Roughness of Drilled Holes in Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic (GFRP)
Country : India
Authors : K. A. Jagtap || S. A. Kulkarni and A. S. Sangwikar
DOI : 10.9790/1684-15008040442-47      

Abstract:Now a day, Glass Fibre-Reinforced Plastics (GFRP) are being widely used in diversity of engineering applications in many different areas such as aerospace, automotive and aircraft industries due to their light weight, high modulus, high specific strength and high fracture toughness. Drilling or Milling of GFRP composite material is a rather complex task owing to its heterogeneity and the number of problems, such as surface accuracy and delamination of drilled holes....

Keywords -GFRP composite, Surface roughness, CNC drilling, Taguchi DOE, ANOVA.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : The Contribution of Total Quality Management And Six Sigma to Achieve the Success in Terms of Quality
Country : India
Authors : P. Deolia || P.L. Verma || L. Bajpai

Abstract: The objective of this research paper is to grant a clear understanding of Total Quality Management & SIX SIGMA is helpful to the organizations to attain the success in terms of quality. This research paper contains the approaches of SIX SIGMA are DMAIC & DMADV.....

Keywords -Total Quality Management, implementation of TQM, DMADV,
DMAIC, six sigma and Quality.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : A Review on Selective Laser Sintering: A Rapid Prototyping Technology
Country : India
Authors : K.R. Bakshi || A. V. Mulay
DOI : 10.9790/1684-15008040453-57      

Abstract:The components which were assumed to be very difficult to produce or manufacture some years ago can now be made easily using additive manufacturing technology. Additive Manufacturing offers many advantages in the production of parts, presenting freedom for design with the ability to manufacture single or multiple components from a wide range of materials. Different techniques of additive manufacturing are entailed. Selective Laser Sintering as an additive manufacturing technology fuses or sinters the successive powder layers to produce the part....

Keywords -Selective laser Sintering, Rapid prototyping, Scan speed, powder deposition, grains

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