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The arXiv (arXiv.org), a project by Cornell University Library, provides open access to over a third of a million e-prints in physics, mathematics, computer science and quantitative biology. In production since 1991, The arXiv provides a mechanism for researchers to disseminate manuscripts and published articles to a wide community of researchers. Adopted extensively by some of the disciplines it serves, The arXiv is believed to enhance the scholarly communication process by improving access to research findings and by providing a platform for the open peer-review of manuscripts, many of which are submitted for formal review and publication in established journals.


Few links of indexed articles of IOSR Journals in arXiv database:


1)   arXiv:1205.1117


2)   arXiv:1210.3128


3)   arXiv:1210.4620


4)   arXiv:1210.5044