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Jul - Aug 2019 Volume 21 - Issue 4

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Understanding and Managing Digital Transformation (New generation technologies - Cloud, Analytics and Intelligent Automation) in Enterprise Organizations
Country : India
Authors : Lokesh Venkatakrishnaiah || Dr. K Ramanathan
: 10.9790/0661-2104010107     logo

Abstract: Digital Transformation of Information technology will order modernization. The point of this paper is to give expert knowledge of Transition, Management, and Governance of New generation and rising innovations in the Digital Transformation period, and to propose roads for future research in Digital Transformation. Utilizing a precise writing survey of 50+ articles, this paper gives a review of the writing. The article centers on how organizations are reshaping client offer and changing Operating models utilizing Digital innovations for Greater consumer loyalty and coordinated effort. The article additionally centers on the adjustment of procedures, tasks management and openings and difficulties of Digital Transformation. The effective exchange of IT frameworks from a customary IT condition to new generation innovations relies upon a characterized governance plan. Moreover, while the Digital Transformation has stretched out to all divisions of activity there are a few territories with more prospects of improvement later on..


Keywords: Digital Transformation, Cloud Computing, GRID Computing, Automation, Agile.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Radio Frequency Identification(RFID) And Image Attentication System (Hardware Structure): Effective Way Of Taking Class Room Attendance
Country : Nigeria
Authors : C.G. Ezekwe || P. I. Okwu || C. L. Nwagbo || E. C. Obasi
: 10.9790/0661-2104010817     logo

Abstract: Educationalinstitutions'administratorsinourcountry andthewhole worldareconcernedaboutregularity ofstudentattendance.RadioFrequency Identification(RFID)based class attendancesystem is asystem thatcanautomaticallycapture student'sattendanceby students passing through an RFID reader with the tag on them or swiping the tag on RFID reader with a web camera that captures their tags' electronic product code (EPC) and images respectively, compare and match them with what is already existing in the database (MySQL) for proper validation and authentication. The tools we used in achieving this system are C variant, Arduino based programming language........


Keywords: (Radio frequency identification (RFID), electronic product code (EPC), Radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, Radio frequency identification (RFID) reader).

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Enhancement of QR code Student's Attendance Management System using GPS
Country : Egypt
Authors : Hussam Elbehiery
: 10.9790/0661-2104011830     logo

Abstract: Attendance used in universities as a category to award marks to students, so attendance has always been a topic of debate. This paper shows a methodology based on QR code technique to take attendance which automates the complete process and the attendance is marked as well as stored in the database, when required professor can check the attendance by calling the values from the database. The introduced system in this paper is being displayed for students during or at the beginning of each lecture. The students will need to scan the code in order to confirm their attendance. The paper explains the high level implementation details of the proposed system and enhancement.......


Keywords: Educational Attendance Systems, QR code, GPS

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Green Cloud Computing Using Genetic Algorithm For Load Balancing By Considering Individual Node Metrics
Country : India
Authors : PranavShankar || Vidushi Arora || Pratik Joshi
: 10.9790/0661-2104013136     logo

Abstract: This paper proposes a genetic algorithm for load balancing to achieve green cloud computing by making use of the metrics of individual server nodes such as Thermal Design Point and other singly computed metrics as parameter to have a much profound fitness heuristic function for obtaining optimally distributed load vector. Individual node metric consideration provides workload distribution which not only results in minimal energy consumption and lower carbon footprint but also outperforms the standard genetic algorithm-based load balancing techniques.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Automated Teller Machine (ATM) acting as Electronic Voting Machine (EVM)
Country : Egypt
Authors : Hussam Elbehiery
: 10.9790/0661-2104013748     logo

Abstract: Election commission still uses manual system during election for vote casting in this modern age of digitalization. In all types of Elections (Presidential\Parliamentary) elections it is consider introducing Electronic voting machines (EVM) though EVM is not entirely automated and has many limitations. Automatically casted votes will be counted simultaneously of the voting process and result will be displayed. The suggested system built based on modifies the ATM's (Automated Teller Machine) system to work as EVM (Electronic Voting Machine) during the elections dates. One of the main benefits using ATMs as EVM is to facilitate the election process for everyone. Also using ATMs as EVM will save the time for all voters and will eliminate the waste your time......


Keywords: Elections, ATM, EVM, Bank Credit Card

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : On Analytic Model for Airflow around 2-Dimensional Composite Airfoil
Country : United States of America
Authors : Rita Gitik || William B. Ribbens
: 10.9790/0661-2104014957     logo

Abstract: This paper presents a method of computing section lift charac-teristics for a 2-dimensional airfoil with a second 2-dimensional object at a position at or ahead of the leading edge of the airfoil. Since both objects are 2-dimensional, the analysis yields a closed form solution to calculation of the airow over the airfoil and second object, using conformal mapping of analyt-ically closed form airow velocity vector past two circular shaped objects in initial complex plane, using a standard airow model for each object individu-ally. The combined airow velocity vector is obtained by linear......

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : "Freeenergy" generationapproachonbase of Expanded field theory by using of some new axiomandlaws
Country :  
Authors : Dr. Valentina Markova
: 10.9790/0661-2104015867     logo

Abstract: Expanded field theory is described with new axioms and laws. It includes 2 new axioms, 8 laws and many consequences. This report uses 1 axiom (Axiom1) and only 6 laws. It is well-known the Classic axiom of Maxwell's laws , who is the basis of Classic field theory. It states that the motion of vector E in closed loop is always evenly or the velocity is constant: div (rot E) = 0. The new axiom claims that the movement of vector E in an open circuit is always unevenly or the velocity is variable: div (rot E) ≠ 0. When the movement is in a plane (2D), a cross vortex is produced. When the movement is in volume (3D), a longitudinal vortex is produced. If div (rot E) <0, the vortex E is decelerating in 2D, if div (rot H) <0, the vortex H is decelerating in 3D.If div (rot E)> 0, the vortex E is accelerating... ...

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