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December. 2016 Volume 21 - Issue 12

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : A Study on Cognitive Emotion Regulation and Locus of Control in LGBT
Country : India
Authors : Priyanka Podder || Tilottama Mukherjee

Abstract: The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community constitutes the stigmatized and marginalized section of the 'heterosexist' society. It attempts to probe into their Cognitive emotion regulation and Locus of control. Using Klein Sexual Orientation Grid, homosexuals and bisexuals, were selected to constitute Other sexual orientation group, on basis of sexual orientation and heterosexuals were selected to constitute Heterosexual orientation group, after screening them with General Health Questionnaire – 28. Following this, Transgenders were screened using The Gender Identity/Gender Dysphoria Questionnaire for Adolescents and Adults.......

Keywords: Cognitive emotion regulation, Gender identity, LGBT, Locus of control, Sexual orientation

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Africa in China's'One Belt, One Road'Initiative: A Critical Analysis
Country : China
Authors : Raphael ZiroMwatela || Zhao Changfeng

Abstract: China‟s "One Belt One Road‟Initiativehas been billed as it‟s most ambitious project ever in trying to shape and influence behavior in the international system in line with her growing stature. At the same time, growing Sino-Africa relations have been the subject of scholarly debate with supporters taking an optimistic view, also presented by China herself, of this relationship being a win-win partnership. Critics led by the US argue China is just using Africa to extract resources for it‟s use, an allegation She refutes. The authors therefore sought to look at Sino-African relations but focusing on the implementation of "One Belt, One Road‟ in the African continent.Being the centre piece.........

Keywords: China-Africa, One Belt One Road, Soft Power.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : The Air is Sick: Ozone Depletion as an Ecofeminist Issue in The Fifth Sacred Thing of Starhawk
Country : India
Authors : Sangeeta G. Avachar

Abstract: According to ecofeminist philosophers, the existence of significant linkages between the treatment of women and other oppressed classes and the treatment of natural environment are two sides of the same coin. Moreover, they highlight the insufficiency of those feminist and environmental ethics that fail to consider these connections substantially and admit that they can‟t be exclusive unless. Subsequently, it becomes mandatory for the people keenly interested in finding solutions to environmental destruction as well as domination of women and other suppressed classes to tackle these kinships interdependently and attentively...........

Keywords: Ecofeminism, Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), Ozone Depletion, Ozone Hole, Sickness of Air, Ultraviolet Radiations

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Democratic Rights of Turkish Immigrants in Germany; Enduring Discrepancy of Theory and Practice
Country : Turkey
Authors : Emrah AYHAN || Murat ÖNDER

Abstract: The academic research and practices on democracy present western countries as almost perfect democracies in theory; however, focusing on citizen-based analysis they neglect major democratic rights of immigrants and their families in practice. Even if these immigrants gain the citizenship of the receiving country where they settled, they still face discrimination in their social, economic and political lives. There has been a dramatic increase in hate-crimes, anti-Islamism, intolerance and discrimination towards Muslim immigrants in western countries during the last two decades, parallel to continuous increase in migration from third countries........

Keywords – Citizenship, Dahl's framework on democracy, Democratic rights in Germany, Turkish immigrants.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Evolution of Tourism Policy in India: An overview
Country : India
Authors : Dayananda.K.C || Prof. D.S.Leelavathi

Abstract: Tourism is a most desirable human activity which is capable of changing the socio-cultural, economic and environmental face of the World. Tourism is one of the largest and fastest growing industries in the world; it has the potential to influence the living pattern of communities. It is one of the most important channels of cultural exchange which breaks down the barriers between people of different parts of the world. It is the collection of activities, services and industries that deliver a travel experience including transportation, accommodation, eating and drinking, establishments of retail shops, entertainment, business and other hospitality services provided for individuals or groups travelling away from home........

Key words :- Tourism, Economic Development, Employment, Income, Policies

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Revitalization of Women's Cooperative (Kopwan) in Madura (Problems and Solutions)
Country : India
Authors : Netty Dyah Kurniasari || Moh Djasuli || Nurul Farida || Nikmah Suryandari

Abstract: The purpose of research is to analyze the problems of women's cooperatives in Sampang. Benefits of this study are consistent with Nawacita President Jokowi is to realize economic independence by moving the strategic sectors of the domestic economy. The methodology used in this research is qualitative descriptive. Data collection techniques in this study is the observation and interviews. The research subject is women's cooperatives (members, administrators). The type of data in this study, there are two primary data and secondary data. Primary data were obtained from observations...........

Keywords: Women's Cooperative, Human Resources, Management, Capital, Madura

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Image And Representation": A Review
Country : Saudi Arabia
Authors : J.A.H. Khatri

Abstract: The present work is a review of the book "Image and Representation: Key Concepts in Media Studies" by Nick Lacey published in 1998 (Publisher: Palgrave (NY), Pgs. 256). It offers a detailed analysis of the book and also offers an example analyzed based on the concepts discussed in the book.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Perceived loneliness in relation to gender and area of adolescents
Country : India
Authors : Dr. Sunita Rani || Roopendra Kumar

Abstract: The present study was conducted to study the perceived loneliness of adolescents in relation to their gender and area. For this purpose" Perceived Loneliness" scale constructed by by Dr. Praveen Kumar Jha was administrated to the sample of 100 girls and boys of age group 16 to 22 years (50 rural and 50 urban).. The results of this study revealed that there is no significant difference in the perceived loneliness of urban and rural adolescents..........

Keywords: Perceived loneliness, gender and area.

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