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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Vibratory Residual Stress Relieving- A Review
Country : India
Authors : S. N. Shaikh
DOI : 10.9790/1684-15008030301-04      

Abstract:All manufacturing and fabricating processes such as casting, welding, machining, molding, heat treatment, plastic deformation during bending, rolling or forging introduce residual stresses into the manufactured object. They are caused by rapid, unequal cooling as opposed to the stresses caused by external loading......

Keywords –Residual stress, SubHarmonic VSR, Vibratory stress relief

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Photoelastic Stress Analysis: A Review
Country : India
Authors : S. B. Shinde || S. S. Hirmukhe || P. N. Dhatrak

Abstract:Photo elasticity is whole field technique which works on the property "birefringence" of transparent material. Birefringence means transparent material shows two refractive indices before and after loading. Combined with other optical elements and with white or monochromatic light source, a loaded photo elastic specimen (or photo elastic coating applied to an ordinary specimen) exhibits different fringe patterns which are related to the principal stress difference perpendicular to plane of propagation of light....

Keywords –Photoelasticity, Fringes, Dentistry, Principle Stress

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Modeling of Complex and Freeform Surfaces by using Reverse Engineering pproach
Country : India
Authors : Y. P. Jadhav || V. N. Chougule || A. V. Mulay
DOI : 10.9790/1684-15008030311-15      

Abstract:Reverse Engineering is extensively used technology by both research and industries for rapid development of product. In Reverse engineering with the help of already, existing product a new product is developed. To develop a new product CAD model is necessary. For this purpose already existing object is scanned using CMM machine, laser scanner etc.......

Keywords -CAD, Reverse Engineering, Point cloud data, Segmentation

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Country : India
Authors : S. S. Deshpande || M. R. Joshi

Abstract:The purpose of this study is to analyze an expansion loop in a petrochemical refinery in critical pipeline. Piping is the main transportation method for fluids from one location to another within an industrial plant. Design and routing of piping is heavily influenced by the stresses generated due to thermal effects and high pressure of the operating fluid......

Keywords –Expansion loop, Finite element Method, Petroleum Refinery , Process Industry,CAE

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Numerical Simulation for Flow Field in a Sump
Country : India
Authors : Prakash Shinde || Dr. V. N. Raibhole || Ajinkya Satam
DOI : 10.9790/1684-15008030322-27      

Abstract: The efficiency and performance of pumping stations involving multiple pumping units depends not only on the efficiency of the pumping units but also on the proper design of the Intake sump. Proper design of pump intake is not an easy task because of the various site-specific geometrical and hydraulic constraints....

Keywords - Intake Hydraulic, Pump Inlet, Swirl Angle, Sump Design, Vortex, Guide Wall.S

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Paper Type : Review Paper
Title : Investigations of Concrete Solar Collector: An Experimental Approach in Solar Passive Energy
Country : India
Authors : S. R.Patil || A. A. Keste

Abstract: Solar Energy is abundantly available non-conventional source of energy. Hot water needed to bath can thus use this non-conventional source. Current solar water heaters use Copper absorber plate which increases the cost of heater. When copper pipes are induced in concrete slab it reduces the space as well as the cost. Also serpentine arrangement which is more efficient than parallel tube riser is used.....

Keywords - Circular Dimples, Solar Flat Plate Collector, Concrete

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Courier partner selection for E-commerce business Using TOPSIS Method
Country : India
Authors : B. Rajiv || M. Salunkhe
DOI : 10.9790/1684-15008030333-38      

Abstract: In today's competitive business world, it is extremely important for decision makers to have access to decision support tools in order to make quick, right and accurate decisions. One of these decision making areas is courier service provider selection. Courier service provider selection is a multi – criteria decision making process that deals with the optimization of conflicting objectives such as quality, cost, and delivery time. If it is not supported by a system,......

Keywords -Courier service provider selection, TOPSIS, AHP

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Country : India
Authors : Vangari Pramod S || Khambaskar PurushottamS || Kadam M.S. || Sarawade S.S

Abstract: Energy is the most vital aspect in the development of modern technological civilization. Day life every task have been made quicker and fast due to technology advancement but this advancement also demands huge investments and expenditure, every industry desires to make high productivity rate maintaining the quality and standard of the product at low average cost......

Keywords -Wood cutter, Shafts, Bushes, Drill bit, Sewing machine, Bevel gears etc.

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