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Mar. - Apr. 2018 Volume 20 - Issue 2

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Proxy Server FOR Intranet Security
Country : INDIA
Authors : Dr.Premchand.B.Ambhore || Ku.A.D.Wankhade
: 10.9790/0661-2002010114     logo

Abstract: Taking into consideration, the situations and the security policies of organization, we have decided to implement the hybrid Application Layer Firewall (Proxy Server).we need for firewall and network security is very important with a rapid expansion of the Internet, and more and more use of computer networks throughout the world. Firewalls protect the computer systems connected to the private network or local network against attacks from the Internet. Firewalls are considered to be one of the best and most reliable means of network protection against intruders. Most of the today's firewalls are categorized as router-based, circuit-level, and application level. The goal of this project is to implement the application firewall as the application firewalls provides more security flexibility, scalability and maintainability, which is favorable for corporate security environment. We have decided...........

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Label Free Fruit and Pulses Image Retrieval
Country : INDIA
Authors : M. Naga Chandana || K. Divya Rani || S.M. Vineela || M. Sai Triveka
: 10.9790/0661-2002011523     logo

Abstract: International competition of agricultural products is increasing fierce with the deepening of economic globalization .This rises the need for an automatic food understanding from images which is an interesting challenge for computer vision experts. In this project, we address the study of fruit and pulses image processing from the perspective of computer vision. The proposed local smart grid motif XoR pattern (LSMXoRP) exploits the relation between center pixel with its neighbors using 1×3 grid structure to extract local information structure. Further, it considers relation among neighboring pixels by using a clockwise scan unlike LBP which exploits the relation between center pixel and neighbor pixels only for better feature extraction. The experimental results indicate that performance of proposed LSMXoRP surpasses the existing LBP and LTP methods in terms of recognition rate..

Keywords: Automatic food understanding, Clockwise scan, LBP, Local smart grid motif XoR pattern, Recognition rate..

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Providing an efficient Internet-based object-oriented protocol for use in constrained nodes
Country : Iran
Authors : Tohid Rajabi Nejad || Ali Reza Namazi
: 10.9790/0661-2002012429     logo

Abstract: The Internet of things is a new concept in the world of technology and communications, where each entity has the ability to send data through communication networks. The modern world of telecommunications technology has shown that in the business world, those who have access to more data and information will control the future. The Internet technology of objects has also been developed due to the same concept.Considering the ever-increasing number of sensors and smart appliances and their connection to the Internet, wewill need standard protocols for the Web that are suitable for limited devices with Internet connectivity. In this regard, it is felt more and more necessary to use a practical and lightweight protocol because of the limitations of the above. The main objective of this article is to evaluate the IOT protocols to provide an efficient protocol for using in constrained nodes.

Keywords: IOT, M2M, HTTP, CoAP

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : An Overview of Virtual Reality
Country : Saudi Arabia
Authors : Dr. AdilJamilZaru || Dr. Mohammad Alamgeer
: 10.9790/0661-2002013035     logo

Abstract: In today's world we are surrounded by a wonderful array of technologies. We have assimilated many of these technologies into our everyday lives. Increasingly, these different technologies are becoming integrated to provide new capabilities and services. And most frequently a computer is the heart of this integration. This is the case with Virtual Reality - a so-called technology which actually is a very sophisticated integration of a number of technologies.Virtual Reality (VR), sometimes called Virtual Environments (VE) has drawn much attention in the last few years. Extensive media coverage causes this interest to grow rapidly. Very few people, however, really know what VR is, what its basic principles and its open problems are. In this paper aoverview of virtual reality is presented, basic terminology and classes of VR systems are listed, followed by applications of this technology in science, work, and entertainment........

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Speech to text and text to speech recognition systems-Areview
Country : India
Authors : Ayushi Trivedi || Navya Pant || Pinal Shah || Simran Sonik || Supriya Agrawal
: 10.9790/0661-2002013643     logo

Abstract: In present industry, communication is the key element to progress. Passing on information, to the right person, and in the right manner is very important, not just on a corporate level, but also on a personal level. The world is moving towards digitization, so are the means of communication. Phone calls, emails, text messages etc. have become an integral part of message conveyance in this tech-savvy world. In order to serve the purpose of effective communication between two parties without hindrances, many applications have come to picture, which acts as a mediator and help in effectively carrying messages in form of text, or speech signals over miles of networks. Most of these applications find the use of functions such as articulatory and acoustic-based speech recognition, conversion from speech signals to text, and from text to synthetic speech signals, language translation amongst various others. In this review paper, we'll be observing different techniques and algorithms that are applied to achieve the mentioned functionalities

Keywords: Speech to Text, Text to speech, Speech recognition, communication, Machine translation

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : The Research of The Optimized Three-Dimensional Model Algorithm Based on Polygonal Segmentation
Country : China
Authors : Xueyan Lan || Guilin Li
: 10.9790/0661-2002014453     logo

Abstract: Three-dimensional models are commonly used to describe the display requirements of 3D virtual objects in complex scenes. For the triangular grid model of complex objects, its huge amount of data to the storage, transmission and rendering, etc. has brought great difficulties. On the basis of summarizing the existing algorithms, this paper presents a general triangular simplification algorithm for polygon regions. The algorithm is applied to the triangular plane on a plane, and the two vertices are formed by using the coordinates of the known triangular plane in the space to form the data record, compare and delete the same coordinate record, and use the remaining data to record the polygon. The triangulation of the polygon is re-divided, and a new simplified model is formed to improve the performance of the algorithm effectively. The experimental results show that the algorithm is effective and feasible by using the triangulation model, indicating that the algorithm is practical and effective.

Keywords: Three - dimensional model; Triangle; Model optimization; Polygon division algorithm; Data record

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : External Factors In Evaluating The Implementation of Green ICT In Universities In Kenya
Country : Kenya
Authors : Erick Oteyo Obare || Dr. Henry Okora Okoyo || Dr. Moses Oginda || Dr. Ratemo Makiya Cyprian
: 10.9790/0661-2002015462     logo

Abstract: Green Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is the study and practice of using computing resources efficiently to achieve economic viability and improved system performance and use while abiding by ethical and social responsibilities. Green ICT frameworks are useful in measuring and evaluating different organizations' Green ICT efforts. Some frameworks make it easier to interpret and measure green ICT than others, while some do not offer guidance on which metrics to use. Features of Green ICT frameworks have not been studied and documented adequately. Furthermore, existing green ICT frameworks are all static, and have one major limitation, that is the inability to address and integrate external factors in evaluating the implementation of Green ICT. Innovations, market trends, and regulatory bodies represent external factors. The purpose of this study is to interrogate...........

Keywords: ICT, Green ICT, Innovation, Market Trends and Regulatory Bodies

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Synergy of Scheduling Algorithms Using Multiple Queues (SSAM)
Country :  
Authors : N.Srilatha || Y.Mounika Lakshmi || G.Naga Thulasi || K.Bharghavi
: 10.9790/0661-2002016366     logo

Abstract: A processor is an electronic circuit which helps us to gain our desired output based on given instructions by performing some arithmetic, logical operations and it also controls the input and output operations. The performance of a system depends on the throughput of the cpu. Scheduling algorithms are the conditions which are imposed on cpu in order to use it in an efficient manner. In SSAM mainly focused on reducing the AWT and context switches by combining the concepts of FCFS, SJF and RR and multi-level queue scheduling...

Keywords:AWT-Average waiting time, ATAT-Average turnaround time, SSAM-Synergy of scheduling algorithms using multiple queues

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